Happy Christmas from 6th Class

We worked really heard in class in the month of December.

We created a Christmas noticeboard in. Our classroom.

We firstly painted ‘Snowmen in the Moonlight’. These paintings required us to blend colours and encorporate reflection into our paintings. We worked really hard on perfecting our shading also. They were really effective when complete.

We also wrote poems based on Christmas. Some of us used rhyming words, some of us didn’t! Some of us used alliteration and some of us didn’t! Some of us wrote acrostic poems and some of us didn’t! But that’s the beauty of poetry. There is no right or wrong. It is simply an expression of our feelings and emotions on a certain subject at a certain time. We then displayed our poetry.

We worked on narrative writing this term. In the run up to Christmas we wrote Christmas stories. We shared our stories with the class and then displayed them.

We also created Christmas images using fabrics and fibre. They took lots of time and patience but the process was definately worth it when we finished our pieces.

We also performed our Christmas play ‘Straw and Order’. We really enjoyed the night and hope you did too.

Happy Christmas Everybody!!!