A Whopping 1500 Euro


The children in 5th and 6th class in our school heard about the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria and decided to work together and raise as much money as they could for the victims.

All the children baked at home and brought  in delicious buns, cakes and bread. They got lots of help from home!!!

Every child in the school was asked to bring in a donation and in return they would get  to choose a few buns or some cake on visiting our classroom.

We raised 1500 euro for Turkey and Syria victims and this money was donated to the Red Cross who provide aid to people in need on the ground.

The children in 5th and 6th thank you most sincerely for supporting this worthy cause.

As a school Ms. McDonagh and all the staff are so proud of these children and thank you  most sincerely for your support of this worthy cause.